So what’s happened after our appearance on Shark Tank!!

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy and wow we are busy! Who would think a little idea to keep my culture and heritage alive from a girl that grew up in the Australian bush could spark into something amazing!

I have also added another little surprise to our crazy and hectic schedule. We are expecting baby number 4! This baby won’t know what’s coming with all our designer baby wear and children’s wear it’s going to be our little marketing magnet! LOL!

Well as every mum knows juggling day to day chores and children is a struggle in itself! So I must be absolutely crazy having baby number 4 and starting a new business. Yes I’m tired all the time and have all those pregnancy symptoms that we all love – swollen feet, heart burn, nausea, oh and don’t forget the cravings that come out of nowhere but that you must have right now!

But there is a fire in your belly when starting a new business and knowing that it’s all up to you to make it succeed that keeps you going. There is nothing more reward then following a dream and watching it grow into something amazing. My children watching and telling me how proud they are of mummy would have to be the most rewarding.

Since appearing on Shark Tank it has been overwhelming how many people contacted me that I have never met before via email, text and social media from all around Australia and even as far as the US, UK and Asia to say how proud they are of what we have created and how thrilled they are to follow our journey.

I think most of you already know that we have decided to change our name from Piccaninny Tiny Tots to Kakadu Tiny Tots. It was a hard decision but one that needed to be made. Kakadu Tiny Tots brings it back to Kakadu which is very important to us and hopefully as people follow our journey they will also come on a spiritual journey with us through Kakadu and learn about all that our culture and heritage has to give.

Our Logo the beautiful tree is a sign of life, in our culture everything that grows has a purpose and when we pass on and are buried we go back to the earth and produce these beautiful trees, animals, lakes, billabongs and everything alive. We are one with the land. Aboriginal culture for kids especially is very important to me.

We have a range coming soon featuring our gorgeous logo on our authentic jumpsuits and rompers. They will all be Australian made and a beautiful addition to our range so keep your eye out on our website www.kakadutinytots.com.au for these little beauties. We felt it was very important to be able to buy Australian made clothing and soon you will be able to! We are proud to be able to give you more options when baby shopping.

Soon to be 4…….. I’ll keep you posted on little bub. We might even know the sex when I write my next blog. Will we be needing baby boy outfits or girl baby clothes???