Family Activity

Whether your baby is still in his or her Toddler shoes, being active from an early age is very important to many Australian families. The benefits of activity and exercise in moderation far outweigh the negatives, this activity of course needs to be monitored and tailored to each individual’s needs and age.


Activity can be as something as simple as playing at the beach or exploring in the Australian bush, the key is to stay active and mobile from as early as possible. In fact, Aboriginal culture for kids involves a lot of this naturally, much of the early years involve exploring and learning culture in a variety of settings.


As your little ones grow and develop they make express an interest in organised sport and games, this is a very important stage and this interest must be channeled in the right way and participation is the key at an early age rather than competitiveness….this can come later. Too many potentially excellent young sports people are lost because of an over competitive parent with a win at all cost attitude. Something as simple as looking for your Childrens wear together whilst Aussie online shopping and choosing the right equipment together helps to grow your bond and your child’s interest.


Australian presents and Australian gifts also help in promoting physical activity within a family, outdoor toys and presents can help with outside play and therefore increased activity, make it part of your lifestyle. The key is to ensure the correct balance takes place and your children and you are happy!!